Wednesday, December 9, 2009

steel sinks and plastic trayed light bulbs


york hip yar

industri (bostonian semi-france) 1886



clearly an after that follows the morn. some dusting of white on your pupil. now there's the shell of it!!

henry meet salvador. good morning sir.

and how is it that you seem to see this? well, i look closely at the seams.

so you're saying there are two eggs in a frying pan;

(as if) one of them?

yes. (yes) (a wonderful crop) they are

awaiting the harvest

and in that manner they are the same; they are the same.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

in the spinning wheel wind

what did you say when you found the smell?

i asked, where can i find them at sunset?

they sit on the edges of the rising tide

if he is there, yes, then where is she?


after the bathtub filled over with weeds i reached for the pocket watch with her words ringing, "take what you want"

it was one of us who had the scythe in hand

nov ember to see

carrying pseudo-seriousness surrounded by the colors we saw

and then there were the headed ink drips on the return