Wednesday, March 24, 2010

did you hear the lark explain?

there is a pattering
before there is the fade

"we'll weed through thoughts and marry concepts"

i found these corporeal tetherings

and in this way
as in basal coats

we are upon
(via the man above and below)

a necessary

after the tracks; when not near the pond

it is a wash

to cross that river

and then a washing

to get to where we began

the smell in my clothes when i remove them next to my bed

i heard you mr pumpkin

i do enjoy it here too

having seen the train tuck its way into the distance tunnel

i went to the park
watching while waiting
thinking while photographing

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

at last to meet sir wooled royal wulff

half lensed and eyeing the dotterings
standing between the canal walls

and off through a passage to find what i had heard in a filmic sound

on the tune of a fiddle for the while it poured

and then around a bend
to pick some flowers in a green

and lay for a while

pondering what the cobbles had said

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

into here

(let's take the stairs)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

becuase it is before their pause

that has

the look

songs and shes and other s'ed words that begin with sipping and end in m or d

slanted with sunflower shine

and sitting on our stoop

i will meet you in the texted isles

yes we can lay here; loom(ing) strings

but what if this fabric wo'n't hold us after all?

it is not on the backs of the ants

i chatted with mr sugar over afternoon tea

then walked between some fluid layers

and came across the ink soaked bread of rhinocentricity.

so i stood explaining to the lion

there are evenings (i began to recall as i spoke) when i find myself here.

a candle; an eagle and the man i think of when i see it

my wind owed spring girl

that i now kissed
by these factory walls

it was our naptic scene

we walked to l'lulioded lumen bend

and woke to some lulling lines

amongst risen tide breaks.

i still feel the lacking hold of the ladder

and these two child rens that dot a churn.

Monday, March 8, 2010

will you take the rudder?

i have missed the taste of strawberries

(i) from (t)here; (you) from (t)here

well as you have now said

i am here to ask

have you looked thah'rue the glass?

there is a bridge that i pass before i arrive at the zoo

since before then; it has been

the fabrics that are the hold

the third floor in the third of the year

where three letters are the same as the whole thing

and then we met violet

because the table lends us the discussion

and from here we take the stairs
and sign our names
and head to where we were going

on the road that lead us from the field

conically (that is)

m becuase it was on the papers that i save. m because it arrives with henry.

i would go there when i remembered to look
twisting at the numbers next to my miniature window
and there i would find her
a typewriter in box zero four three seven

in the morning over coffee we spoke of a waxy portalia

there was a softening edge to the thing
tugging at the thirty fifth metallic knob
an open thinning drawer
i know of a silver lined row boat
i know this is monday

when i could not fall i looked for the switch. and without it to grab i worshed my hands

eyeing the gelatinous gussets
and toeing at the edges of a canister

before entering the loshing foam
and kicking along heaving churns
to find there is not the exit i had imagined