Sunday, December 7, 2008

present currents shine light upon past moments spent false casting and shooting line holding a royal wullf beneath the afternoon sky

"see, the big fish eat the little fish until it can eat no more."
- pieter van bruegel the elder 1556

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

rabbit rabbit

the catepillar turns and faces the butterfly. the catepillar asks, where have you been?

Monday, October 27, 2008

we flew the highline on the steep face and met donny in the crowd. within one breath it was known that things were about to get really really weird

within the primary moment of the disco ball revolutions we all tuned in to everything in between and even what happens after

move by yourself still ringing in my ears as the pelicans appeared to join in the wave of vibrational ecstacy

the bell bottoms, the hair, the aura, le stache

and this is your heart beating. hit me with that trumpet

things got weird. v-necks were made and yes hands were shaken. clouds formed in the sky and the night played on under disco balled twinkling stars tinted with botanical sproutings of the smiling crowd... pass it around

late night stoop of the 25th street state of mind

lyrical table dealings uncovered during the avenue afternoon

le form of the billed crane may vary due to angular perspective

on the rise with eyes wide

elevated thoughts via warp speed pensive reflective somewhere near 3rd avenue

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

bergian botany circus. experimental gatherings via field research in the land of Asteraceae

where the goldenrods do grow. where do you go?.... where are you going?

mantis style bug collection form stop framed by steve

wildflower flannel voayages seeking foxes and finding walnuts

strange momentus capturing of the leaping seated form demonstrated by flannel brother and bearded good friend steve

full on dactyl hopper flight status. bringing home the insecti minimi specimens from the fields of Solidago. look it up before you eat it...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i saw you in a rain drop. let it grow

pass it around

wake down shake up in atown

live it in

wonderland portal

finding what i need

i found a sail boat in my shoe and a sea gull in my hair

lucid ride over a favorite bridge. cruise tandem minus one full of sun

too much wax on that surface?

broken chains. flat tires. fix it. use it. paint it. drink it in

hermano menor con un poco del sol. el verano?

cappuccino chitter chat in between gears

skip and go naked... big john love

good afternoon zen moment pondering present rays

a meeting with senor pumpkin over tea and cookies. advice about the future, a grin, a smile

Monday, October 20, 2008

projection reflection with proper fashion. meet me by the river and bring some film

curbside slide and ride visual extravaganza

gatherings and chatterings on the corner of metropolitan and river. brooklyn love and mmmollusk respect

moonlit canvas under cloudy paintings

its a one track mind. gracias malloy

trip out via mollusk mirrored reflection distortion theory. beverage not included.

tell the pelican i am on my way

most recent addition to the set of yearly tandem snap shots

1st street mornings pushing chains and pushing buttons

stenton steps black white and heavy with color: barefoot morning surf checks in unfocused crisp dawn light followed by afternoon circus sessions in the setting glow of golden smiles

corner shop of the coconut aroma. one last taste.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

rays of grain in the city of radios

sold out seats... and this is ray lamontagne

before we set sail we tuned in. listen

amidst juniper berry folklore of the lands yet to be seen with the rabbits that certainly never existed

like leaves around a tree. my grains are numbered. the number 23

in the event of wrongful surfacing insert self here

soaking in the aura prior to mass seating arrangement of hooting smiles and grinning laughter

when the lights go out the lights go on

guitar in hand and telling tales of bicycle rides by the sea... chesire

ray of light. radiant energy full of henry and heavy with trouble

gathering in the empire of the fat cat in order to set the scene

Sunday, October 5, 2008

el gato soy yo

"taka": style master

keeping jerry on the bay

rolling in the grassy stuff

local tastes: harmony via flavor. a steve/eric compilation album.

where i am is where you are. in the basal fields it is so sweet

harmonica solo illumintaed: gathered friends from foreign lands as tunes lay down and the symphony began. notes floating in the space with a celebration so fresh. yes; drink it in.