Sunday, March 30, 2008

euskadi capture that thought and force it into your existence

exhaustive results of humble failure. into being flow.

ear to ear... grin, laugh, smile. awake.

night fall no flash sesh

boat harbor.

as far north as you can get

a river in Euskadi flows a vibe

Easter Sunday midday mass at the church on the river. castellano and euskara service. they say a little left hand peeler breaks here at low tide.

pre-mass get up. photographic suenos rain and shine.

walking a dream, waking a reality.

venture unknown

high tide inside wash out. white walling spiral duck dives. exhaustion complete... admire the landscape and click to enlarge - the dot is me.

Friday, March 14, 2008

changed view. point to something new.

thinking of NY this after. grandma's house for a little self reflect

sun is setting, shadows run wild

on older lines, while new lines begin to form

form and reform

uncovered gems, dusted off and polished up for you to view

tomb of Christopher Columbus. found some fruit. continued debate over the true resting spot of good ol Christopher, the tour guide seemed convinced it was here... the earth is round!

some artwork in Sevilla, Spain. looking at a wall mural i noticed how bland and ordainary the scene was. then something happened to catch my eye... check out this style cat reppin some fly footwear. looks comfy. this guy was completely out of place in the painting, hidden in the bottom right corner of the canvas. everyone else is wearing classic lace up sandals or some standard brown clog like gear. not this guy. notice the beard too; gnarly... take a closer look:

i mean i dont know the date this was made or what time period it represents but those look alot like my sanuk sidewalk surfers... this guy had some style. where did he find the materials to make these? when everyone else was putting on leather sandals was this guy saying: "screw this im making some slip on loafers and painting them"... primitive DIY creativity? rep it.

now... speaking of style! check this statue in "the garden of the dames." i couldnt get over it. the strut, the way he holds the trident, the arch in the back... this guy was pimpin, and im sure everybody knew it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 blank 1 wood 1 stilt 2 blank 1 stone round 1 blank 1 stone square

view from the living room.

some things have changed:
new family.
mother's name also name of a shell.
father scuba dives (coincidence... probably not).
son is a skier.
eating local fruit and vegetables from a friends garden.
eggs from a free range farm outside the city.
drinking river water collected and bottled by my family in the mountains.
they built a house by hand in the countryside and go there every weekend.
they installed solar panels on this house to supply the electricity and constructed a rain water collecting system to supply running water.
now a lover of stove top espresso.
also fond of local, organic, sustainable wine. (who knew)
bicycle... and i ride it... everywhere.
life a little brighter; breathing a little easier.


Monday, March 10, 2008

castles made of sand; watch out for the hobo when you pee

when you drink on top of a castle sometimes you never make it to the bars. look for the broken street light and follow the path... find more broken street lights and youre there. popular alicante locale deep rooted with tradition. you spend time chatting and discussing into the next morning. a hand full of heads arrive with hands full of products; it kicks off around midnight. when you leave at three or four a.m. people are still arriving; plastic bag nightmares. hundreds congregate and the air fills up. the view of the city: long shutters with semi-unsteady hands.

exchanging concepts and contacts over a few. its not a mess which is shocking... it is however a dense mesh of connecting language barriers and interpreting minds. with a little effort the rewards are satisfactory. mural surroundings; cats chilling in the rocks.

drawing lines and shaping minds: fire the synapse there is something surrounding me

la mata down south. the wave builds up just outside the wall... slams and wraps in and around. its a sketch left that oscillates with the uneven sea floor and then pitches over some inside rocks. gelato meant missing the bus and watching this funky wave do its thing when a voice erupted, "coming or going" and a quick turn met my eyes with a middle aged spanish man reppin the bic longboard with purple water shoes and the classy h20 gloves. Response: "i'll go if you go."

hour thirty session full of hoots, hollers, smiles and laughs. the guy really lifted my spirits after a full days worth of walking and bus riding. he caught an outside all the way to shore, hands straight up in the air and arched out of his mind. belly flopped the shallow inside rockies, threw up a wave and left. gracias hombre.

gaudi architecture... talk about a trip. barcelona merits future voyage with film packed and pen ready. the lines drawn out are so natural; intensely simplified and complexly smoothed over... stemming inspired ideas from salt water creatures and the sea floor it was a personal struggle to wrap my head around what he had built. more to flow..

MACBA: a killer vibe with spontaneous futbol games in the court yard and man to man manual contests that rolled across the plaza, into the street and out of sight. searching for the museum i heard the familiar beat of a friendly rythm... discovered the atmosphere was inviting and never made it thru the doors; second trip necessity.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

transitioning delayed urgency wrapping currents

surfed a left with a style uncertain man from La Mata in the south. Rep the full suit, purple and pink water shoes and the H2O gloves. Bic longboard cruising for the rock shelf on the inside. Hands in the air and a hoot holler on his breath; belly flopped his way in/on/around the rocky shore. embodied unknown, slightly unnatural style. did however bring a smile to the lips and laugh to to the belly.

barcelona is a trip and gaudi is the shepard... unknown possibilities revealed as if hidden in plain view. more to come: bridging gaps.

sevilla fell short. cathedrals of interest but enjoyment found in the unappreciated art.

service is on empty and pics are sailing there way in... time should have been spent escaping here. much needed creativity dusted over. change of families spurred some hope.

look; pelicans