Thursday, April 23, 2009

surrealisme installation #2: structue - absractness - structure; clothesed lined academia fabrica

76 t-shirts
16 8-foot wooden stakes
300 feet of clothesline
152 clothes pins

four sections of four stakes intersected by academic row and haas pathway
three stringed spaces in a stake section
seven seven five five seven seven : one clothesline of shirts
two structured clotheslines
one string laying on academic row forming the third clothesline

movement upon movement; human structures flowing with human directionality

structure - abstractness - structure
abstractness centered in human structure

context erased

the third breathing clothesline arriving and leaving with the winded passings time

shadows dance as a mediterranean momenti cross the boundary

the whispering of fabrics between fabrics

shifting perceptions
(Minolta Autocord)

i just want to move around. like this

my good friend jon nelson; surfer, biker, photographer, yoga extraordinaire and adventurer without limitation

the creeping into colored existence of spring

inspiration abundant

lets get up now... wake it up now!

surrealisme installation #2: via polaroid


softness in the wind

one v-neck hangs in the opposite direction

abstract directionality

awaiting movement

at a distant glance

surrealisme installation #1: botanical futurisme

191 latex gloves
18 wooden stakes
mason string

21 hands / 8 rows
21 hands + a pair of hands / last row

the human hand growing from the ground visually representing our dependence on soil and plants. the hands structured in agricultural fashion demonstrates the industrialized absurdity of mechanized agri-systems: a "natural" food futurisme.

visually founded spread of knowledge. simple awakenings.

temporal absurda: taping time fragmention.

so we'll meet back here at five o'clock for cocktails...

flowers in decemberiste fashion

tall grass deep snow salty air

then its not a clock at all; it is a dream; flying circling

ross cohen transitions relaxation in front lawn mannerisms of printemps

bon bon ... bon sui

momentus of blooming potential


sensing reverse migration

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

by the castle walls

grande centrale

spin the cube sip some mud scribble

mcsorely heavy on my nostrils; the emotion of that wooden bar

the englandish beats approach


six eight seven twenty five twelve two thousand eight one twenty

emerald love

lets get some veggie burritos pick up A5 and drive to brooklyn

pondering spacial perceptions

mid-after portrait in salted visions

allison wonderland?

flat tire surf check

retrato via christian

ive been here before? ive been here before.


wondered lands

dig the space; samson keeps watch

mira tio

la salida de llegar; somos

viene algo... buena buena buena

gazing towards rue 1 via morning side

the feathers of the yearly flank

light plays in my distance

la vuelta hacia la vuelta de la vuelta

biscayne on the membrane

well ... i know alot of fancy dancers!

mandalic crepusculo lucido

the bump is up; get on it!

i am being followed by a moon shadow; moon shadow; moon shadow