Monday, September 29, 2008

walking through the fields of the new york surf film festival. we went sliding in liberia

metallic movement


awaiting the harvest en route to the fields of film

they dont use eggs when they make it; they use teddy bears or something

industrial division vision

a/c tagger

evening futuristic thoughts

25th street afternoon

Sunday, September 28, 2008

day dark as coffee is sweet as a nut

searching for wool above the streets wondering what light the night will bring

lay your color down and feel the rain on your lips. tell the man you can wait.

art factory window fascinations

"i met my love by the gas works wall, dreamed a dream by the old canal, i kissed my girl by the factory wall, dirty old town dirty old town"

"clouds are drifting across the moon, cats are prowling on their beat, spring's a girl from the streets at night, dirty old town dirty old town"

barefoot naps in the green clouds of the park flowers listening to school children quack like ducks next to the old men with leather shoes

i found alice in an elevator and we ran through the streets at night

run just as fast as you can but make sure to be careful not to trip

where does your elevator go? ... i only know where it leads.

did you smell the flowers this morning? we can walk there this after

perhaps this is where i keep my dreams. windows filled with heavy light

ask senor leon; ask him on a Sunday

como vas tu?

vamos juntos y vamos doble

que llevas en el sueno. llevo un imagen; un imagen muy lindo que no puedo explicar ni puedo recordar pero llevo y llevo con confianza; una confianza blanca y pura sin claridad

welcome to the corners

smile reality via liquidy stare into the lions hair

i found you in a corner and we sat down to sip some coffee

dont pick that mushroom

chef discussion

here you are

this is the land of pieces

guide me on my way madame

linear curvings glow with light

you can stay with my good friend

bathroomed fixations of the latin ape

travel light

le chien

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

two wheeled conversation on the path to shared energy

before i went to sleep i woke up

country roads that smell so sweet

moments lived outside of windows; moments enjoyed within moments of joy creeping smiles and laughter greeting open air. the space i see is the space i feel when what i breathe is what i hear.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

henry, i do not know what you think. falling from the dawn one thought at a time; one moment breathed into a moment. henry, i wonder muhlenberg

good morning. i think and in this i see! i see my breath.

the lucid pelican greets the tocking tower

insight induced falling of the essence leaves. one leaf falls at a time as time himself falls from the elephant's tongue.

the sun rose and the clocking clicked as bare feet crossed empty canvas. within a moment a breath was taken outside of breathing and certainly inside the mind. a photographic daydream was manifested and others minds contributed. if one breath is taken; if one waking thought transcends to a breath, it will happen then that the realization is vision. in that moment the egg will begin to float, the fly will lick his honey, the snail will be granted unlimited speed.

Monday, September 8, 2008

where the elephants turn windmills and fiery giraffes guide the way i found alice jumping rope and realized the silver ring

sprouting thoughts and blooming fruits

we meet again opaque surface and within this moment i realize your magnificent color

aquatic adventures via rabbit hole exploration

climatic lines of rooftop obsessions; this bliss

upon the bridge green seeps in. the clouds are coming.


el rey leon himself; pumpkin

good afternoon pumpkin; cornish hen you say? this is the first stage in a surfacing project concentrating on the senor pumpie.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

lets head to the farm. lets put our feet in the river. follow that red brick road

c - sea - see - si; flowing with the movement we glide

these are the contemporary gardeners of the sprouting seeds presently moving

two more sunshine harvesters seeking out bridged and red brick banked fields of plenty via subterranean travel methods

because its a concrete jungle

surfery machine member dev-mastah senor guitar; reality bends a little bit

playing with the heart while messing with the mind. casa de where art thou in the tune room. faces all sorts of covered up while surfacing from the mystery machine discover tour.