Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what time is it? i havent eaten,im dirty, im not even out of bed -click - - ring - "you have ten minutes; the car will be waiting; there is no time -

once you see that once you saw

clic tah zee ... clic tah zee

none of these clocks have the time

our symphony sans hands

be. . .


we need film

you start your day and no bell has brought you here; sitting in silence

just be careful; i had two sponges when we began

a different value

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

realizing what you have

here; as we began

this is how it feels; this is how it feels

inward when you know what is happening; when it happens
*via jon nelson

it is not the week i feel when i wake

wandering through color; collecting what we know

and gathering thought with a friendly lion

where the corners meet; the aura of time gone

Saturday, September 19, 2009

waking as i awaken

'cardiffeo fascination kelp kelp ke l p

`as she is

a deafening silence i solely dream

where i am


they are; they are


teaching me as i learn
and soak in what is present
and desire to be taught more

we eat figs for breakfast

as the morning does and madix knows

to the beach for the setting sun

around the garden

learned steps

as she wants to be

. ... ..

spoke sprouts supporting


where papas is king potato

at last i meet the friend i have always had

suspended in opacity scorpio is crashing into the moon as a pelican drops his insides overwhelmed in the barefoot ink fish reflection

beneath surfacing


clap to dance in a light fading tide


just hold for a moment

college growth to model life

potentiality meets on the border-ings

sowing root

there is a choice in choice

the ties that keep when all else seems to wash away

as friends as family as faces 5

the alternate in routes
a path - less maintain in order what one senses

after all the image-ination-s i became

in search of seal and sea lion creaturas

knowing this is where i came to be

he waters the garden at sunset

*it is the look

a moment in the exchange when you know; he knows


a place where you learn to learn

beyond the garden at manzanita - and - snowdrop

stability compromised

the brighter faces of crawford community garden

ms kK and her students

bucket organization

oh what you will grow
san diego

Thursday, September 17, 2009