Tuesday, January 19, 2010

semi-tarnished light meteringings

vulpes vulpe vulp vul vu v

bumpular negotiations of the thirty three and four tenths degree

help me find my hands

andando por la plaja del fauno

dusky duneal voyaging

some word with a z in it

partial flap

we will wait for the high tide bump

harvesting the post-harvest

something where something used to be

ovule pottery

seminal lumena


in preparation

two [two] {two} 7two7 __two__ !two! (two)> (~two~)(~two~)

it's blueberry today on first and asbury

let us chat while walking in the street; go in here; look at that; think about people; click; grind; click

he looked at you . he looked at me . he nodded his head while smiling


from the table on near road. these last photographs of two thousand and nine. sey. (w)here the red hooks hang

does grandma know we took this?

after the first sip

(let me stand here and place you in focus) mmmh tah-cleek

you can eat these

i know how that sounds

i saw a fox today but it may have been a big rabbit

we gathered together to look at some lights

(from a mother's eyes. Christmas day 2009)
let us grab the present satchel and move across town; there are people to hug and stories to be shared