Monday, October 27, 2008

we flew the highline on the steep face and met donny in the crowd. within one breath it was known that things were about to get really really weird

within the primary moment of the disco ball revolutions we all tuned in to everything in between and even what happens after

move by yourself still ringing in my ears as the pelicans appeared to join in the wave of vibrational ecstacy

the bell bottoms, the hair, the aura, le stache

and this is your heart beating. hit me with that trumpet

things got weird. v-necks were made and yes hands were shaken. clouds formed in the sky and the night played on under disco balled twinkling stars tinted with botanical sproutings of the smiling crowd... pass it around

late night stoop of the 25th street state of mind

lyrical table dealings uncovered during the avenue afternoon

le form of the billed crane may vary due to angular perspective

on the rise with eyes wide

elevated thoughts via warp speed pensive reflective somewhere near 3rd avenue

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