Sunday, September 21, 2008

henry, i do not know what you think. falling from the dawn one thought at a time; one moment breathed into a moment. henry, i wonder muhlenberg

good morning. i think and in this i see! i see my breath.

the lucid pelican greets the tocking tower

insight induced falling of the essence leaves. one leaf falls at a time as time himself falls from the elephant's tongue.

the sun rose and the clocking clicked as bare feet crossed empty canvas. within a moment a breath was taken outside of breathing and certainly inside the mind. a photographic daydream was manifested and others minds contributed. if one breath is taken; if one waking thought transcends to a breath, it will happen then that the realization is vision. in that moment the egg will begin to float, the fly will lick his honey, the snail will be granted unlimited speed.

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