Sunday, September 13, 2009

twenty two oh six as of the twenty four th of the third of two thousand and nine

a sheet or blanket descending onto my body with my interpretation not that this covering would comfort me but instead that it would smother my existence completely. muffling my essence for the short moment until i cease to breathe in this realm of thought. horrified i scream a short sentence i do not recall exactly but i sense that it was not merely "no" or "stop" or "help." in that moment of fear i fled from beneath my sheets to rid my body of the essence-suffocating blanket. my sense was not that my breath would be halted nor my body trapped by the weight of the blanket but instead a combination of these threatening actions and even some unknown that i do not remember nor possibly ever grasped in my imagination. leaping from my bed i forced focus upon my eyes and attempted to see all that surrounded me. ready at any moment to take flight from the room if danger was not yet extinguished by my waking and leaping.

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