Thursday, October 29, 2009

i asked an old woman where iselin was. she replied i was on it; but she explained, there is another

it begins as a drive i have done before
to a house i now know
with a door that has a mail slot i like to call through

as we do
we did
sipping into our adventure
a doodle within a cup
do you know where we are?
do you know where that is?

the droplets all around
on and on and on our umbrella
tiny ballerinas in the rain
high school as in homecoming
when i was lost
your hair blew in the wind

behind the glass surface
where we had escaped those nights

then sprinting
this is where we have been!

there in the wind
between those rocks
the bells across the sound

that's what i mean
we couldn't get home

tied to the bench where we sat
a white line into the split tree

we were late
that day
he knew

did you catch me a fish?
what is that.
what is that!

blue moon in the whites of your eyes

because it seems to me that our adventures were our most real moments

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