Sunday, February 3, 2008

quadratic expressions of the lucid mind: shuffling feet; the wind is blowin

morning light... surreal ride thru the drunken aftermath of Carnevale. costumed creatures of the night scurring for the darkness of a bed. im heading into the sun. tune-in here comes the ray-s jazzy light... i found enjoyment
the bus driver was listening to the beach boys "good vibrations" when I stepped off the bus and i didnt think much of it. he shut the door started to drive; stopped and opened the door again; then of all things he threw me a shaka and said buenas suerte... smiling i returned the familiar yet oddly foreign gesture... a cafe to the sounds of marley himself on the spanish frequency: i hit the beach eyes open

walk to and from the bus stop lookin at the changing canvas.

first wax ... Mandala quad ready for the Med. and beyond...

wandering the shores the waves were almost nonexistent but after much discussion with the locals about rocks and "medussa" (aka jellyfish) i hit the water paddling and found myself a nice mini wedgy right... set in a cove of mountains the experience was more than dream-like... waves in the med... lines to come; the north is in the headlights

i had a father of two snap this ... when i wake up tomorrow and there's salt in my ears i will know i wasnt dreaming.

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