Sunday, March 9, 2008

transitioning delayed urgency wrapping currents

surfed a left with a style uncertain man from La Mata in the south. Rep the full suit, purple and pink water shoes and the H2O gloves. Bic longboard cruising for the rock shelf on the inside. Hands in the air and a hoot holler on his breath; belly flopped his way in/on/around the rocky shore. embodied unknown, slightly unnatural style. did however bring a smile to the lips and laugh to to the belly.

barcelona is a trip and gaudi is the shepard... unknown possibilities revealed as if hidden in plain view. more to come: bridging gaps.

sevilla fell short. cathedrals of interest but enjoyment found in the unappreciated art.

service is on empty and pics are sailing there way in... time should have been spent escaping here. much needed creativity dusted over. change of families spurred some hope.

look; pelicans

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