Sunday, January 20, 2008

Alicante: I guess I am really in Spain

Shock doesnt really describe the past few days and denial comes close. The plane ride was so confusing with dinner beer and wine during a showing of Rush Hour 3 and then maybe three hours later was breakfast with orange juice. I didnt sleep so it seemed like time had passed faster than it did. The airport was a blurr of non-functional abstract architecture and 2,41 euro zumo de naranja (oj... and yes you can imagine the dollar value). Customs was strange as well with armed officers staring at me surfboard bag and asking me to stop what I am doing put the bag down and open it... "Surfar; surf; en las olas." No shots were fired. Bus ride in seemed promising with political graffitti blanketing every available wall, window, tree, door, rock... people here even tag cactus. But hey Im on the Mediterranean so who cares. A way too expensive hotel, some cold beer and a three in the morning sauna visit was soon to follow with yet another Spanish speaking police officer with a bright flashlight. Who knew the sauna closed at 11pm? The views are amazing and mullets are all the rage... dread locked mullet dude is the way to go. More to follow regarding the Los Padres... there's a rabbit in my freezer and tortilla chips dont exist.

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