Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MAD and the pano views

There is a castle (El Castillo de Santa Barbara) in Alicante on top of a mountain. With a few hours of free time I began walking from the hotel and snapping pictures along the way and eventually arrived at this photo destination.

Have you ever looked at something and knew that the mind behind its creation was a little tweaked out? Welcome to Madrid Airport... where you seem to wander aimlessly from level to level never really knowing where you are until your there. The floors are transparent in some areas and you watch dark human-like figures diffusing in MADness as the vertical scrolling signs terminate into the cieling or the floor or just stop in the middle of the air. Nothing makes sense and people are snagging duty free Marlboro reds off the shelves like they're tickle-me-elmos with a 50% discount and a $10 mail-in-rebate. Truth adds better step up your game... Madrid duty-free is making a killin!

View off the other side of the castle as the city continues up the costa.
Notice the old woman in the doorway; emphasis on the "way" and not so much the door. This was a back road in the old section of the city where sheets are sufficent for front doors and the roads the houses and living rooms are pretty much the same space.

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