Tuesday, January 22, 2008

There's rabbit hair in my soup... do you have any dumplings?

Everything is great but I have to note the negatives too. My host family Carmen and Carmino are both grandparents with a youngest son who is 30 something and works for the Guardia Civil in Spain. They talk faster than I can speak in english. Carmino doesnt really say much but when he does he says it 4 times in a row and waits for you to respond at least twice. Carmen talks my ear off about everything; especially food. She thinks shes a dietician or doctor or something... she tries to tell me what I can and cant eat on a daily basis. First of all they say everything will make me fat... "vas a engordarte... engordas un poco... engordas..." They say before and after every meal and during the meal sometimes that I am going to get fatter while eating and that I should weigh myself so they can monitor when I gain weight.... Anorexic Americans BEWARE!... Alicante is not the place for your. For instance we were making a pie the other day and she said fruit and nuts will "make me fat" and so I shouldnt eat too much. I must admit I am not used to the food. Skim milk is "bad" for me she says but bread soaked in oil and fried is very good for my intestinal tract. I have to get used to the way they eat... she doesnt bake anything she only fries the food... explaining the again oil is good for digestion... and yeah there was pigeon liver, pigeon neck, and rabbit hair in my soup yesterday. Things here are just different and I dont mind it I just need some time to adjust to the changes: theyve never heard of guacomole and as I said tortilla chips dont exist... if you want a tortilla you get an omlette. This isnt bizarre foods on food network or anything but it is an adjustment... mental and physical. More to come as the voyage continues... as for now I need to go get some supplements because my madre says that dinner makes me fat and I should eat an apple or an orange with a cup of water and some magnesium carbonate (a can of powder with a picture of an intestine on it.) My new name is Keri or just eei according to the padres... I wrote down E-R-I-C on a note for them and when I returned the note they wrote me in response was directed to Kevri. Who knows?

ps. there are spanish chinese people and chinese restaurants and they have no idea what a dumpling is so dont spend 6 minutes trying to explain what it looks like or how to make one... its a waste of time.

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