Wednesday, May 7, 2008

arche my sight. we can make it if we run. i dont know where we are but i have a candle and we should share

the wonderful story of henry sugar and six more

here we go. wait where are your eyes. i cant find my fishing rod.

a candle spoke to me. hello he said and i sat down so that my ears could see.

synapse sculpture. wanna cross it?

cocentric circles with a common center. mine is filled with macaroons and flowers but soon im building a wind mill

i say we run for it... we ran fast.

triumphant we were. chillin and sipping on the view we did.

its water time. thoughtful park baby duck session.

my mom ran thru jardin du luxembourg today. lets walk thru it.

monster like aquatic inspiration. watch yourself and dont get eaten.

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