Monday, May 5, 2008

from the bottom of the sea i stare. everything may be... blue

paris tracks touched with blue; my eyes were on the roof tops

shoots and ladders of the scaffold canvas gems

autoretrato: pardon me a second i may need ink

pensive fuel with duo eyes on roof tops once and again

elevatated descent. grab a coat and shake a hand

sea creature dreaming while ascending the arche

unnatural naturalism of green and reflected style when a building drips water and i happen a passerby

sea creature greeted by a flocking gull. relational perspectives can be panoramic

love wall birthing some scripted ideas

shaka in the clouds and good vibes all around in the "a - double b - e - doble s - e - s." i had a feeling the hill would provide a point of view and had no idea how revealing it would be. disoriented pleasures of sudden realizations while standing at the stairs of the hymnal candle. chanting; it is sunday.

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