Monday, March 10, 2008

castles made of sand; watch out for the hobo when you pee

when you drink on top of a castle sometimes you never make it to the bars. look for the broken street light and follow the path... find more broken street lights and youre there. popular alicante locale deep rooted with tradition. you spend time chatting and discussing into the next morning. a hand full of heads arrive with hands full of products; it kicks off around midnight. when you leave at three or four a.m. people are still arriving; plastic bag nightmares. hundreds congregate and the air fills up. the view of the city: long shutters with semi-unsteady hands.

exchanging concepts and contacts over a few. its not a mess which is shocking... it is however a dense mesh of connecting language barriers and interpreting minds. with a little effort the rewards are satisfactory. mural surroundings; cats chilling in the rocks.

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