Monday, March 10, 2008

drawing lines and shaping minds: fire the synapse there is something surrounding me

la mata down south. the wave builds up just outside the wall... slams and wraps in and around. its a sketch left that oscillates with the uneven sea floor and then pitches over some inside rocks. gelato meant missing the bus and watching this funky wave do its thing when a voice erupted, "coming or going" and a quick turn met my eyes with a middle aged spanish man reppin the bic longboard with purple water shoes and the classy h20 gloves. Response: "i'll go if you go."

hour thirty session full of hoots, hollers, smiles and laughs. the guy really lifted my spirits after a full days worth of walking and bus riding. he caught an outside all the way to shore, hands straight up in the air and arched out of his mind. belly flopped the shallow inside rockies, threw up a wave and left. gracias hombre.

gaudi architecture... talk about a trip. barcelona merits future voyage with film packed and pen ready. the lines drawn out are so natural; intensely simplified and complexly smoothed over... stemming inspired ideas from salt water creatures and the sea floor it was a personal struggle to wrap my head around what he had built. more to flow..

MACBA: a killer vibe with spontaneous futbol games in the court yard and man to man manual contests that rolled across the plaza, into the street and out of sight. searching for the museum i heard the familiar beat of a friendly rythm... discovered the atmosphere was inviting and never made it thru the doors; second trip necessity.

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