Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 blank 1 wood 1 stilt 2 blank 1 stone round 1 blank 1 stone square

view from the living room.

some things have changed:
new family.
mother's name also name of a shell.
father scuba dives (coincidence... probably not).
son is a skier.
eating local fruit and vegetables from a friends garden.
eggs from a free range farm outside the city.
drinking river water collected and bottled by my family in the mountains.
they built a house by hand in the countryside and go there every weekend.
they installed solar panels on this house to supply the electricity and constructed a rain water collecting system to supply running water.
now a lover of stove top espresso.
also fond of local, organic, sustainable wine. (who knew)
bicycle... and i ride it... everywhere.
life a little brighter; breathing a little easier.


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