Friday, March 14, 2008

uncovered gems, dusted off and polished up for you to view

tomb of Christopher Columbus. found some fruit. continued debate over the true resting spot of good ol Christopher, the tour guide seemed convinced it was here... the earth is round!

some artwork in Sevilla, Spain. looking at a wall mural i noticed how bland and ordainary the scene was. then something happened to catch my eye... check out this style cat reppin some fly footwear. looks comfy. this guy was completely out of place in the painting, hidden in the bottom right corner of the canvas. everyone else is wearing classic lace up sandals or some standard brown clog like gear. not this guy. notice the beard too; gnarly... take a closer look:

i mean i dont know the date this was made or what time period it represents but those look alot like my sanuk sidewalk surfers... this guy had some style. where did he find the materials to make these? when everyone else was putting on leather sandals was this guy saying: "screw this im making some slip on loafers and painting them"... primitive DIY creativity? rep it.

now... speaking of style! check this statue in "the garden of the dames." i couldnt get over it. the strut, the way he holds the trident, the arch in the back... this guy was pimpin, and im sure everybody knew it.

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